TPD Cpl. Jonathan Belk Cancer iPad Fundraiser

Cpl. Jonathan Belk

Entry into the Fundraiser/Raffle below has been closed.  The raffle drawing took place at the Tampa PBA office on 12/20/12 at 10:00 a.m. and Bernadette Stevens owned the winning ticket.  Bernadette won a brand new Apple iPad and works as an evidence technician for the Tampa Police Department’s Evidence Control (Property Room). The fundraiser produced $12,600 to help Jonathan in his battle against cancer.  If you wish to view video from the raffle drawing or photos of the drawing and winner, please click on the respective links in this sentence.

Greg Stout with Bernadette Stevens

The promotional flyer that was used for this event is below:

Corporal Jonathan Belk with the Tampa Police Department is fighting for his life against cancer and the Tampa PBA is holding a fundraiser to help offset his expenses.  To donate ($5 minimum) and register to win a brand new Apple iPad worth $599, please access our Online Store or click HERE.  To read the below flyer in full PDF size, please click HERE.


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